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Are you searching for a job? No problem. We have a wide variety of jobs for you.From public relations and communications assistant system engineer.Contact us and we will give you the opportunity to be part of a wonderful team.
Netex Consulting Call center CEOsWe are your partner for Call-Center services in Germany and Europe! Our services are beyond competition and we offer the best price/quality relation due to our locations (Romania,Serbia, Ukraine, Rep. Moldavia). Thanks to the VoIP Technology we offer you landline voice quality for the lowest phone costs. ISO 9001:2008 certified by the German TÜV, confirming the high quality standard of your services.
  • Working hours: 24 Hours / 7 Days
  • Number of collaborators: 424
  • Number of work stations: 239
  • Number of offices: 13
  • Communication: Voice over IP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Software for jobs: online workhour tracking, call accounting, monitoring tool
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Our competent team can manage all the secretary work on your behalf, using modern office technology, thus guaranteeing your full satisfaction. We have the solution for special office tasks as well. Just call on us!
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If you encountered difficulties and need help from someone, we are there for you! Whenever you need a professionist to help you with your problems, you can rely on our services.
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