Office Service

Email, Fax , Newsletters

We offer our customer care services to you both combined and individually, through communication channels such as fax or email. We are more than happy to compose and send any personalized or professional newsletter on your behalf, using both our own database or any data you provide us with.

We also provide and select addresses

We offer full service and advice on all questions regarding address management. Our database system provides fast processing services. This contains alignment, selection, and further processing.

We also personalize addresses

The key step to success is the knowledge of a language, both in written and spoken form. Our database system allows us to contact individuals and provide them with specific information via personalized newsletters.

Data Acquistion and Processing

Do you have a large database that just keeps getting larger? Do you need someone to acquire and process all the required data? This is a job for us! We offer data acquisition and processing in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian.