Netex Stands by the Ukrainian Employees

9 Mar 2022

The current situation in Ukraine is far from being favorable. In the last days, thousands of families have been forced to leave their homes, moving to rural areas or foreign countries. Unfortunately, some of Netex’s employees are also affected by the war. Since office work is impossible in these conditions, they work from home, some of them also enrolled in emergency first aid courses. Events such as the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Netex in Ukraine and employees working for our company for 10 and 15 years or the opening of a new headquarters in Lutsk have been postponed.
Netex stands by the employees in Ukraine and their families who are offered the opportunity to relocate to one of the cities where we have offices. It is not easy to leave your home, nor to have to start over in a foreign place, that’s why together with our collaborators we want to offer them support in this situation. For us, they are not just refugees, they are our colleagues and friends, and friends should be next to you for good and for bad.