TeleRobot – guardian during the pandemic

At the end of March 2020, our colleague Leontin Frumuzache participated in a news coverage for the Romanian National Television. The topic was: pandemic security methods. During the report, innovative ideas for using the TeleRobot to ensure the security of offices were discussed, as well as methods for remote work.

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Cloud Fest – Rust

In March a couple of our colleagues from the programming department attended the Cloud Fest event between March in Rust Germany This event is the number one cloud conference where the latest technologies and innovation are discussed and the next step of the cloud industry is prepared Thank you dear colleagues for …

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CCW – Berlin

In February 2019, some of our colleagues from the Skunk Works department attended the CCW event in Berlin. They have learned more about how the digitalization is changing the industry of call centers. Also, they took part in a unique experience inside the Live Call Center, where they were able to test how AI, cognitive […]

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Change of the company name

The company officially changed name. From now the company will appear officially as “Netex”. Even we made this small change, our mission, vision, and goals are still the same! We’re always focused to give more and to bring real value to all of our partners and employees.

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In action at DWC football championship

Netex Romania football team participated in football championship organized by German economic club Banat DWC The championship took place at the Ripensia stadium and the official opening was attended by German Consul Ralf Krautkr√§mer and Mr Peter Hochmuth President of the German Economic Club We did not win but we had great fun …

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Workshop at the B2B Nord fair in Hamburg

Netex made the very successful presentation about GDPR at Hamburg Nord fair. The main subject was to explain how GDPR will affect businesses with data positioned as new global value.

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GDPR workshop in Timisoara and Arad

GDPR workshop in Timisoara and Arad is supposed to explain how GDPR changes could affect your business. GDPR is officially active from 25 of May 2018. See more:

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Netex voted again to the board of DWC

The Netex company, represented by Andreea Kremm, is voted for a second term to the board of the German economic club Banat (DWC).

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The launch of

Netex launched the first owned online shop for baby & toddler apparel and toys!

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